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Creating a fulfilling and intimate relationship

Relationship difficulties

Many of us choose to share our lives with another person who is our partner through either the whole or a significant part of our life. A healthy relationship is where each person in a couple can be open and share their authentic needs with each other. In this way they get their needs met at least the majority of the time.

1. Sometimes this process gets interrupted and our relationship becomes turbulent, painful or a struggle. Some examples of what can cause this are:

2. Pressures outside the relationship keeping people apart such as work commitments;

3. Relationships outside the marriage that can affect the couple such as friends, family and children;

4. Not understanding or knowing how to communicate and get each other’s needs met within the relationship; and

5. Fear of intimacy due to past experiences.

What Counselling can offer

Couples counselling is a process where with the proactive support of a counsellor the couple can explore what went wrong and find ways to resolve the problems they are having. This typically involves using the couples’ problem solving ability to come up with their own way through their problems.

Sometimes couples can decide that their best option is to dissolve the relationship and each find other partners that better meet their needs. Couples counselling can also offer support through this process that can often be painful.

Links and Testimonials

For more information on couples counseling and how I work please see my interview on U tube that can be accessed from the following link

Although we have since parted our work with Andy provided a loving clarity and compassion for the way we both struggle and this has finally allowed me to lay the relationship to rest.

Andy did an amazing job of navigating us through some very difficult topics and created a safe environment for us to open up, be ourselves and explore our issues as a couple, topics we knew were too explosive to approach on our own.

There were times when I didn't think our relationship would survive but through ongoing sessions we have worked through some tough issues and our relationship has turned round for the better

I found Andy to be insightful and able to hold the space for both of us, allowing us to explore our dynamics as a couple in a safe environment. As a result of several sessions we were able to come to a resolution and a better understanding of ourselves and each other.

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